General Office Information

It depends. If things are fairly consistent from one year to the next, you may simply upload your documents to the portal or drop them off at the office.  If you need to ask a question or two, then scheduling a phone call is the best way to make sure someone is available (and not in a client meeting or working on returns) to answer your questions.  If things have changed dramatically from the previous year, then an in-person interview might be best.

Please bring a copy of your prior year return, the dates of birth, complete social security numbers, and names of everyone listed on your return, along with your documents for this tax year.  If you own rental property or your own business, please bring a federal and state depreciation schedule.  If you provide us an email address when you call, we will set up a client portal for you and make an organizer available to you to facilitate gathering your information.

Tax Return Preparation Process

See our About Us page, too.  Your return will be reviewed by either Rodney or Stephanie before it is finalized.

Usually two weeks. The closer we get to the filing deadline, and the more returns that come in, the longer it might take.

For business returns, the deadline will always be on or before February 20th. For individual returns, the deadline will always be on or before March 20th. Please refer to the client letter you received to confirm the specific date.

By default, we prepare payment vouchers for you to mail in along with your payment. Your payment for the balance due (along with your estimates, if you choose) can be drafted from a checking or savings account.  If you want to pay electronically, you must tell us BEFORE we e-file your return.  We cannot make changes to payment methods after your returns have been submitted.
You may request an installment agreement with both the IRS and Kentucky by visiting their websites.  You will need to set up an account with the IRS to complete the online payment agreement application.  The online application is the fastest and best way to request an installment plan with the IRS.  Kentucky’s installment agreement form may be found on their website at revenue.ky.gov and searching “installment agreement.”
We are prohibited by the IRS from e-filing your returns unless and until we receive your signed e-file authorization forms.
We can upload them to your portal for you to print or we can print them here for you to pick up.
Let us know immediately! We will make the necessary corrections and get a new copy to you as quickly as possible.
Uploading your information to the portal is ideal. It saves you a trip here, plus you have access to those documents 24/7! If you are unable to upload your documents, you may leave them in our drop box at the office or mail them to us.
Make it as soon as you can.  It is better to pay it late than not at all.  If you haven’t made any at all, and it’s before January 15th, you should make the payments.  If it’s past January 15th, wait and pay the balance due when your return is prepared.  Know there could be penalties for failure to make proper estimate payments.
You may need to file an amended return. Contact us as soon as you receive the document.  We will need to wait a few weeks between filing your original return and filing the amended return to avoid any confusion.
Yes, we cannot e-file your return without it.  New PINs are issued each year by the IRS.
In most cases, no, we do not need them, especially if you’ve already summarized the information or listed it on your organizer. There are a handful of exceptions (like if you gave an extremely large gift) but we will contact you if we need the receipt.  You can obtain a yearly print-out of your prescriptions from most pharmacies that shows your total out-of-pocket cost for the year.

What to do when your return is complete

Your returns, along with any actionable items, will be uploaded to your portal.
YES! Review your name(s), addresses, Social Security number(s) and bank number(s) in particular. Those errors cause the most processing delays.
Most tax return fees are based on the amount of time spent and other costs, like software.  Being organized helps keep the overall cost of your return down.  You may pay through the client portal with a credit/debit card or ACH or mail a check to us.  We still accept cash if you are picking up in person.

Refund Status and Notices

Don’t panic! Upload the complete notice to your portal and call or email and let us know you received a letter.  We’ll look at it and get back with you as to how we should proceed.
The quickest way to do that is by visiting the IRS’ Where’s my refund tool (Kentucky has a similar feature on their website). From any page on our website, under Helpful Links, click the “Where is my refund?” link.